#1 in Water Heater Repair in Santee CA!

Santee CA water heater repair specialist welds intake lineAfter drain clearing, the number one call that our Santee plumbing team gets is for water heater repair. By the time that most people call us to handle a water heater issue the unit is so far gone that it needs to be replaced. Tanks that aren't well maintained often rust out, suffer electrical element failure or require so many components to be replaced that it is cheaper to purchase a new one. That's why we suggest a yearly maintenance plan that can extend your water heater's life to up to 15 years.

While a water heater doesn't have many moving parts, it's still very important to check over all of them to make sure your tank is in working order. Our techs check the thermostat, T&P valve, sacrificial anode, electrical connections, inlet and outlet joints, gas valves and sediment level. We also check for scale build-up on the interior walls of the tank and on any electric heater elements present.

We repair or replace any component that isn't working correctly. Even on faulty component can have serious repercussions. A failing T&P valve in combination with a faulty thermostat can result in conditions that can lead to the water heater exploding. With no outlet for the excess pressure generated by rapidly boiling water, the water in the tank will boil and cause a pressure build up that could cause the tank to explode. Exploding tanks have the potential to take out concrete walls and have been known to rocket upwards of 100 ft from their bases. If you are in the room, or even in the house, when this happens you could be seriously injured or even killed.

Extending The Life Of Your Water Heater

Santee plumbing contractor checks on a water heater electrical panelKeeping your water heater in peak condition will not only keep it from exploding, but it will reduce the cost of heating your water. A properly maintained water heater can save you almost 5 percent on your utility bill. It can also result in an extended life for your water heater. Instead of getting a new water heater every 10 years you can count on adding up to 5 years of great performance. That means if you own your home for 30 years you'll only have to make 2 replacements instead of three. Call in our Santee water heater repair team and schedule a water heater maintenance appointment today.